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Human Waste/Waste Water Management System.

Our main focus is to deal with the problem of open defecation along with Black & Gray water that takes place every day. Our technology  helps in degrading Human Waste and treats Waste Water in the most effective manner. We build/promote/manufacture and supply Bio-Tank —– The “Bio-Toilet”


  Current Scenario

Disposal of human fecal matter is an ever growing problem that leads to aesthetic, threat of organic pollution & spread of infectious diseases due to contamination of drinking water and ground water resources. Open defecation further deteriorates the overall health and hygiene at personal levels. About 1/7th of world population still openly defecate due to absence of any toilet of which 60% live in India. Due to water borne disease like, gastroenteritis, cholera, viral hepatitis etc. estimated 2.4 million children under 5 year of age die every in India.
Apart from the contamination of potable /usable water, fecal; matter is an aesthetic nuisance and play a key role in organic pollution of the environment. Suitable degradation of such wastes is of utmost importance.

  Solution:Bio-Tank Cum Reed Bed

Based on anaerobic bio degradation, DRL (DRDO) has developed an eco-friendly technology for Human Waste disposal for different climates and situation. The technology involves a specially designed tank (Bio-Tank), Where an anaerobic consortium of bacteria completely digests human waste at high efficiency. After bio degradation, effluent water is further filter through a natural reed bed that improve effluent quality by totally reducing turbidity, suspended/ dissolved solids an organic coliforms . The digestion process involves conversion of organic wastes into water and methane, carbon dioxide (minimum) and effluent generated is free from obnoxious smell & pathogens. The system can be constructed by any local using local resources (like bricks / cement) for any residential building (single house or community)
This system is widely appreciated throughout country and abroad. Installation of such system is going on at several places in different defense and civil location. Ministry of Drinking Water & sanitation, Govt. of India, has signed a MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with DRDO for wide implementation of this technology especially in rural /urban areas.



Aerobic Biodegradation

Forced Aeration / Agitation Is Essential And Is Energy Intensive

Incomplete Aeration / Agitation Leads To Foul Smell

Not Effective In Pathogen Inactivation

Can Not Tolerate Detergents / Phenyl

Generates Large Amount Of Sludge

Repeated Addition Of Bacteria / Enzyme Is Required For The Process

Maintenance & Recurring Cost Is High

Anaerobic Biodegradation

No Aeration Is

Complete Anaerobic Conditions

More Than 99% Pathogens Inactivation

Anaerobes Can Even Degrade Detergents / Phenyl

Sludge Generation Is Very Less

One Time Bacterial Inoculation Is Enough

Minimal Maintenance & No Recurring Cost

Septic Tank

Requires Larger Space , Bigger Volume.

Not Efficient

Sludge Needs Periodic Evacuation

Obnoxious Smell

Maintenance Intensive

Unhygienic Disposal

Water Requirement Is High

Cost Intensive